This Post Brought to You by the Letter “S”: 1yr, 8mo

This month she got the letter “S” down. I’ll miss the way she used to say más (more) without the “S” (ma’) and how it made her sound like a sweet old Cuban grandmother. She can ask for más loud and clear now with a commanding “ssssss” to punctuate her request.

The first few days she loved being able to say this new sound so much that she started adding it on anywhere she could, like when she would call us Mamas and Daddas instead of Mama and Dadda, and she would call her one foot a pies instead of a pie.

This also meant that papa, which is what she always called raisins, one of her favorite foods on the planet, got replaced with the correct word in Spanish: pasas. She can now say clear as a bell, “s pasas” instead of “Ma’ papa.” 

Next to go, on her list of longtime words, was bapu. This is what she had always called both zapatos (shoes) and patos (ducks). But one day a couple of weeks ago she just pointed to her shoes and said, “Zapatos de Jojo.” And in the bath the same day she was already calling her ducks patos, which is exactly what they are.

Also with the “S” sound came casa (house) and pez (fish) cena (dinner) huevos (eggs) and even my name…Alice. There is nothing stranger than hearing your baby call you by your first name.





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