Spanish immersion school uniform

La Clase de Mariposas: 1yr, 8mo

This month our toddler made big linguistic strides. In fact, she tricked her way into the two-year-old class (the Mariposas) at her Spanish immersion daycare even though her birthday is still four months away.

They say she’s mature enough and ready for the move. I think that in school she comes off as more mature than she really is because she understands so much. As a Spanish immersion school, all of the teachers speak nothing but their native Spanish to each other and to the children. The kids themselves, though, mostly come from English-speaking families. Our Bilingual Baby is one of the few who gets exposure to Spanish when she goes home at the end of the day.

So when the teachers say it’s time to line up to go outside, I imagine Jojo picking up on the words vamos (let’s go) and fuera (outside) more quickly than the other kids. I imagine her following instructions better because she understands what she’s being asked to do, and I imagine the teachers finding it refreshing that she’s such a “good listener.”

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