“Porfa”: 1yr, 8mo

This month I got tired of hearing her whine (eeeehhhhhh) while pointing at something she wanted— it was getting really old. So I decided to teach her to say por favor (please). It took just a few minutes and she was soon correcting herself with reminders from me, replacing eeeeehhhh with a very sweet “porfa’ mama.” She smirks a bit when she says porfa as if she already knows that it’s a magic word.

This month she is a parrot, a blank tape, a sponge, she is everything. She is a mile-a-minute, and with every new word her personality takes hold even more.

The older and more verbal she gets the more strangers expect her to interact with them: What’s your name? How old are you? But right now her Spanish is dominant so I see her give a lot of blank stares.

“How many rocks do you have in your hand?” the neighbor asked her the other day. Blank stare. I know that if I asked her “¿Cuantas piedras tienes?” she would have looked at the rocks in her hand and imitated counting by pointing at them and saying the numbers she knows una (one), dos (two). But she did nothing. She didn’t know what he was asking her to do and she didn’t even know what “rocks” were.

I want everyone I meet to know how smart she is, to know how talkative she can be, but I resist the urge to show her off. In time she will learn to answer.

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