This Post Brought to you by the Letter “R”

She can’t exactly roll her “Rs” yet, so right now most “R” sounds get replaced with an “L” sound:

For corre (run), she says “cole”

For pajaro (bird), she says “pajalo”

For abre (open), she says “able”

For porfa (short for “porfavor“) she drops the “R” and says “po’fa

When the “R” comes at the end of the word, as it does with the infinitive of Spanish verbs, she replaces the letter with a “T” sound:

For comer (to eat), she says “comet”

For caminar (to walk), she says “caminat”

For bajar (to get down), she says “bajat”

It’s really interesting to see her speech following rules like that. There are very few variations and I just love to see her little mind absorbing language as a whole system where, when she learns a rule, she knows to apply it to other parts of the language, even if the rule isn’t correct; it still gets applied to her speech in a systematic way. Little human that she is!

Tonight as Lyon was leaving for a gig and saying goodnight to his Bilingual Baby she said “kielo mucho, mucho” which is an echo of a phrase I’ve always said to her: Te quiero mucho, mucho, mucho (I love you very, very, very much). It’s the first time I’ve heard her say that and it melted our hearts.


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