Word Roll – 22 months

Some of her new words, acquired this past May:

Apagar (to turn off) – she pronounces it apagat 

Encender (to turn on) she pronounces it encendey 

No te caigas (don’t fall) – she leaves out the ‘te’ and says no caigas. This is a phrase and not vocab, but she says it a lot. She tells herself not to fall and she tells her baby dolls not to fall too.

One morning over breakfast I decided to talk to Lyon in Spanish some and I looked over at Jojo to find her staring at me and listening, obvserving, closely. It seemed to confuse her that I would speak to Lyon in the language that was usually meant for her. We don’t differentiate between the languages we are speaking. I don’t say “in English this is a table and in Spanish it’s mesa.” I just tell her “it’s a table, y tambien es una mesa.” She doesn’t need us to label the 2 different languages in order to make a distinction between them.

Fuerte – (hard) She’s learned to push harder or mas fuerte when she’s doing something that requires strength. 

Pajaros en el cielo (birds in the sky). Pajaros and cielo are both words that she’s know, but seeing her string them together into a sentence all on her own was pretty cool. She also started saying oyes pajaros? (do you hear the birds?)

Levantante  (get up) – she says, vantate and it’s what she says to us in the morning when she wants us to get up and start the day!

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