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It’s no secret that Spanish is not my native language. I’m still learning and always will be. So I thought I would occasionally post some of the words I’ve had to look up recently. I have the app for Word Reference on my phone and it saves my recent searches. 


Espresso — Surprisingly, the Spanish is expreso. There’s something annoying about that because “expresso” is how so many Americans incorrectly pronounce the word.

Lighter — As soon as I looked this one up, I remembered it from my days in Spain where seemingly everyone smoked and was asking for a lighter: mechera.

Mole — I have a mole on my stomach that Bilingual Baby pointed to the other day, and, thinking it was an extra belly button, she exclaimed, “¡Ombligo (belly button)! ¡Do (two)!” So that’s why I had to look up the word mole. Word Reference gave me 3 choices: lunar, verruga or mancha. I’m going to go with “lunar” because it’s the prettiest. I don’t know what people use the most, but verruga sounds like arrugo which means wrinkle, and mancha is also a stain; both sound so depressing.

Spy –That’s “spy” in the sense of “I spied a dress on sale at the store just as I was walking out” sort of like “I happened to notice.” This word is avistar. For example: Avisté el libro perfecto para Jojo la última vez que visitamos la biblioteca; se trataba de dinosaurios y a ella le encantan los dinosaurios .


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