Word Roll & More

Wrapping up June, her 23rd month on the planet, I want to focus on the nuanced progress she’s made. She’s adding transition words, articles and turning long-held baby words into real words that can be found in a Spanish dictionary. Here’s a recap:

Numbers: She can count to 10 in both English and Spanish. However, it’s often out of order and she likes to skip “siete” (seven). When she’s counting things, whether her rubber ducks or something from the page of a book, she points at random and doesn’t correspond with her counting.

Arriba: A couple of weeks ago she said “up” for the first time. And last week she said “arriba (up)” for the first time. Her word for arriba until now had always been “abba” in Spanish. So right now when she wants to be picked up she chooses between “arriba” “abba” and “up.” Sometimes, when she wants to be picked up, she uses all 3, especially if no one’s paying attention to her.

Sentences: She makes observations in short, curt phrases like at the dinner table when she says, “Dada. salsa. comida.” Then I’ll fill in for her “Dada puso salsa encima de su comida.” And she’ll repeat, “dada puso salsa encima de su comida.” We do this 3 or 4 times until she has it down.

Alphabet: We have a few alphabet books, she watches a Pepa alphabet song in Spanish on Youtube, we have foam letters that she plays with in the bath and letter magnets that stick to the fridge. I sing a song to her that goes “Jota Oh, Jota Oh, este dice Jojo!” She recognizes the letter J and the letter O and can pick them out in mass of other letters.

Songs: She can fill in the end of her favorite songs.

I say “Tengo un osito…” and she answers “muy chiquitito”

I say “Los pollitos dicen…” and she answers “pio, pio, pio.”

I say “La vaca Lola…” she says ” tiene cabeza, tiene cola”


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