Basics: Counting & Colors – 24 months

I’ll check in on basics again in a few months and see what kind of progress she has made. We don’t drill these things, we keep it fun and playful.

Counting & Numbers:

When she has an item in her hand she can pick up another one and say “dos.”

When she’s counting rubber ducks she points pretty erratically while counting, not really making the connection between numbering out each item.

When she counts she skips “2”  and “7” pretty consistently. She counts uno, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, ocho, nueve, diez.


We watch a video about the alphabet with Peppa Pig in it. She can call out some of the animals and things associated with the letters before they’re even identified in the video. Avión!  she calls out when the cartoon of the plane comes on screen after the letter “A“. Same with barco (boat), casa (house), and ‘fante for elefante (elephant).


Azul is always her first guess when you ask her what color something is.

When I ask her to find a color, she’s the best at spotting things that are amarillo (yellow).


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