Abstract Concepts

The level of nuance coming from Bilingual Baby’s language is not as surprising as it used to be. She’s capable of grasping so much more beyond concrete objects in front of her. She knows peine (comb). But she can also express concepts like how to ask that her hair be combed more softly: “mas suave (pronounced fuabe), mama.”

Here are examples of her beginning to use concepts like todo (all), mejor (better), también (also), porque (because):

I get up from the dinner table and she sees my empty plate and says “Mama comió todo!

She is drawing with her crayons and dumps them out on the ground and says “todos (all of them)!”

She pretends that her baby hurts herself, gives her a kiss and asks “¿esta mejor?”

We pick a book to read and she reaches for another and says “¿ese también?”

After she uses the toilet I tell her “¡muy bien, voy a buscarte una pegatina (very good, I’m going to get you a sticker)!” And she replies approvingly, “porque hice pipí en el potty (because I went pee-pee in the potty).”

Sometimes she’s just imitating these more complex concepts and trying them out and I think sometimes she really is starting to understand them.



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