Persistence: Take my hand

I’ve written before about how persistent she is at making us understand what she’s trying to say. She’ll try her words in Spanish and then switch to English if she has the vocabulary, she’ll point, and more recently, she even took me by the hand and lead me down the hall to show me what she wanted.

We were at her water table outside and she couldn’t reach the top of the water tower so she turned to me and said. “Tubolete, mama.” I had no idea what a ‘tubolete‘ was. “¿Esto qué es (what is that)?” I ask her. She couldn’t answer that so I also asked what room it was in, what it was used for, but she couldn’t tell me. I let it go, but she grew increasingly frustrated with me for not understanding her. Finally I asked “¿está en la casa (is it in the house)?” “.” “¿Me puedes enseñar donde (can you show me where)?” “.” She took me by the hand and walked me down the hall to the bathroom sink where we keep her stepping stool. Her taburete. She wanted it to stand on so she could pour water on the water tower. And she got it. Persistence pays off.


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