Spanglish: 2yrs, 3mos

As she gets more and more confident in both languages, she gets more confident at mixing them. Here are some of my favorites.

Voy a limpiar (wash) my face

I’m ‘onna beber (drink) my coffee.

Yo tengo (I have) hungry.

I’m ‘onna soplar (blow) bubbles

I’m ‘onna drive bici con (bicycle with) Dada

And my favorite: “Socketines.” Socks in Spanish are calcetines, hence “socketines.”

Translation job:

Driving home she said “Quiero montar en ablol (I want to go on ablol).” I didn’t understand ablol. So I kept asking “¿Qué? ¿Quieres montar en qué? ¿En avión? (What? you want to go on what? On a plane?)?” She kept repeating herself but I didn’t understand until finally she said “Quiero montar en tree.” ¡¡¡Árbol!!!  She had translated the word for me into English, and it worked.

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