Parroting & Grammar Roll: 2yrs, 3mos

This morning I ran into the kitchen when I smelled burning milk. I’d forgotten about the oatmeal I was making. “Crap!” I said. “Crap!” echoed Bilingual Baby, who was in my arms. Lyon and I exchanged looks and tried not to laugh too much.

Mama quemó la avena (Mama burned the oatmeal),” I say as I put the pan in the sink under running water. But Jojo’s not listening to my explanation, all she sees is the burnt food getting discarded and she whines haltingly, “¡¡Noo!! ¡Yo quiero comer crap (I want to eat crap)!

Gross! But, kind of hilarious.

Grammar Observations:

For the command form of poner (to put), which should be pon, she always says pone. I love this because if the verb weren’t irregular, pone would be right. She’s following the basic rules and just doesn’t know all of the exceptions yet.

She’s experimenting with the order of words and some recurring combinations have been, “no yo cabe (no I he fit)” and “no tu sabe (no you he knows)”

In English, often, she includes both the pronoun and the noun:

“I’ma hold it the baby.”

“Take it the cub”

“I’ma eat it the cracker.”

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