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Conversations (pillow talk): 2yrs, 4mos

I want to document how much more complete her Spanish is becoming and the best way to show that is through the real, back-and-forth conversation we’re able to have. So, for the record, here are three conversations from October:

This chat took place just after waking up. I always ask her how she is, and sometimes she answers, but this was the first time she, in turn, asked me how I was:

Me: ¿Cómo estás (how are you)?

Jojo: Bien. ¿Tu estás bien también (Good. Are you good too)?

Me: Si, estoy bien, gracias por preguntar (I’m good, thank you for asking).

Jojo: You quiero levantar (I want to get up).

Me: ¿Qué quieres hacer si te levantas (what do you want to do if you get up)?

Jojo: ¿Comer (eat)?

Me: ¿Que quieres comer (what do you want to eat)?

Jojo: ¿Leche y naranja de jugo y comida (Milk and orange of juice and food)?

In this one, we are sitting on the floor of her room and she’s trying to put her shoe on by herself. When she says something incorrectly, I often repeat it correctly to give her the chance to hear it and copy it.

Jojo: Mama, ayuda jojo (Help Jojo).

Me: Tu si puedes (you can do it).

Jojo: No yo sabo (I know don’t).

Me: Yo no sé (I don’t know).

Jojo: Yo no sé (I don’t know).

Me: Tu si sabes (You do know).

Jojo: No puedo. Tu sabes. Tu eres grande (I can’t. You know how. You’re big).

Then she gives up and hands the shoe to me. We always tell her she can do stuff because she’s big. And now she’d flipped it on me! 

For this early morning conversation, we’re lying in bed after one of those nights where she’d come into bed with us at some ungodly hour. Lyon is snoring but then stops, and Bilingual Baby is alarmed by the sudden silence.

Jojo: Uh-oh

Me: ¿Que?

Jojo: Dadda no duerme (Dadda’s not sleeping).

Me: Dadda paró de roncar (Dadda stopped snoring).

Jojo (dutifully repeating): Dada paró de roncar. ¿Tue crees que ya viene (Do you think it will come again)?

Me: No se. No se si va a seguir roncando (I don’t know if he’ll start snoring again).



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