October Observations: 2yrs, 4mos

We definitely started prepping her for Halloween way too early. I got the only book in Spanish about Halloween that I could find from the library toward the beginning of October. The little girl in the book dresses as a witch, so, without really understanding what she was agreeing to, Bilingual Baby decided to be a witch for Halloween too. And before the big day even arrived, she’d gone costume shopping, carved pumpkins, gone to a trick-or-treating festival with her cousins, and gotten dressed up for trick-or-treating at her school too. On October 31st she didn’t want to put her witch costume on anymore. I didn’t blame her.

Here’s a whirlwind of language observations from October:


Sometimes, if I don’t understand her in one language, she switches to the other. One morning in the kitchen she called out, “I want my jacurshurn!” “¿Quieres el qué (you want what)?” She went back and forth with me about wanting her “jacurshurn,” which I did not understand at all, until she gave up and blurted out, “¡Yo quiero la calabaza! (I want the pumpkin!)” “Ohhhh….your jack o’ lantern!” She looked at me with the side glance of a fed up adolescent and replied with a cold, “Si.”


“Don’t bebes (drink)”

“I’m canting (singing)”

Basics: She now knows all of her main colors in Spanish. No hesitations, no mistakes.

Subjunctive: She naturally uses what is a fairly complicated grammatical structure. She just senses when to use it with such ease:

¿Quieres que yo busque Dada? ”

She’ll often leave out the word “qué” and just say something like, “¿Quieres yo me siente aqui?”

Grammar Police: Sometimes she’ll say things and they won’t sound right to her, so she’ll correct and repeat before I even can.

Mama, poneselo,” she says to me about her doll’s dress (put it on her). Then she corrects herself, “pónselo,” which is the correct way of saying it.

She’s ironing out the wrinkles, she’s parroting back, she’s listening and absorbing. She’s becoming more fluent in both languages every day.

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