With all the documenting I do of Bilingual Baby’s progress in Spanish, a person might think she doesn’t do anything interesting in English—not true. She’s just as quick-witted, experimental, and hilarious as ever in English. I just can’t keep up a blog on both languages!

Still, her evolution towards the word “yes” is worth noting.

Forever and ever she has only said “si” when she means to say “yes.” To random people at the grocery store she will answer “si” when asked “Do you love your baby doll?” or “Is that Elmo on your shirt?” People never really knew how to reactthey just smiled and laughed and never asked questions. So Jojo has never actually used the word “yes.”

Last month, however, she started saying “sure.” The thing is, the way she uses it, is as a replacement for “yes.” And that makes for some hilarious back-and-forth.

For example, a conversation might go like this:

Lyon: Jojo, did you go pee pee in your pants?

Jojo: Sure.

Jojo: Dadda, can you sit down?

Lyon: You want me to sit with you on the floor?

Jojo: Sure (as if it were his idea and she didn’t really care what he did).

It makes us smile.

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