“Ehpañol”: 2yrs, 5mos

Influence of Spanish at School

Bilingual Baby has taken on the accents of her Cuban and Venezuelan teachers. She spends twenty-four hours a week with them, so it makes sense. Mostly it means that the letter “S” disappears from words.

I say “bosque” (forest) when we’re reading Donde Viven Los Monstruos (Where the Wild Things Are), and she says “bohke.”

I say “mosca” (fly) when she points to the buzzing thing circling our heads, and she repeats, “mohka.”

“¿Este?” I ask, pointing to something she asked for. “Si,” she replies, “ehte.”

Her accent gives me an idea of how much influence her teachers have over her Spanish, and ultimately, it reinforces our decision to have her in a Spanish immersion daycare because it’s clearly an enriching experience for her language acquisition.

I’m so grateful.

She is at 50% English and 50% Spanish

I can officially say that she’s comprehends and expresses herself in 50% English, 50% Spanish. It feels like we are in a place where she is simply exploding linguistically in both languages, and she’s not showing a preference for either. She simply speaks the language that the people around her are speaking.

Soon, we’ll be switching schools and she’ll be doing three days Spanish, two days French. Part of me is excited to integrate French into our lives. And part of me is a concerned that she’ll be frustrated by it, and if she gets frustrated by French, will she also turn against Spanish?

That little voice in my head follows me everywhere, always doubting whether I’m doing it “right.” But who knows so, onward we go.

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