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“I’m two, my birfday in July”

She has learned to tell people both how old she is and what month her birthday is in, and she’s very patient about telling in either language. She can even hold down the right fingers to show that she’s two. I try not to quiz her too much, or show off her ability to say the same thing in both English and Spanish, but it’s just so cute.

This is how her conversations go with people we meet:

Me: How hold are you?

Jojo: I’m two.

Me: When’s your birthday?

Jojo: My birfday in July.

Me: ¿Cuantos años tienes?

Jojo: Tengo dos.

Me: ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños?

Jojo: Mi cumpleaños es en julio.

Birthday Spanglish

The other day she told my mom,

“I’m two…my birfday in July, you gonna count happy birfday to me!”

For her, “count” means “sing” because the Spanish for sing is “cantar.” I love when her two languages spill over like that and give me access to what’s going on in her brain.

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