Letters & Games: 2yrs, 8mo

Lyon and I think she probably knows about fifteen letters. This has just come from a natural curiosity for the letters that she sees in books around her. Sometimes we sing the alphabet song or we might watch some of this youtube video about letters, but not often. The biggest push for her letter learning lately has been her obsession with getting out the letter tiles from Scrabble, Bananagrams and Upwards. She likes to line them up and point out the letters that she knows; she assumes this is all there is to these games.

She loves all board games right now, and a friend introduced us to Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, a game for three-year-olds. It’s simple enough that kids her age can actually follow the rules. They use their knowledge of colors and their counting skills (as well as sharing, listening and waiting skills). The instructions are in English, Spanish, German…etc. So you can easily garner the vocab you need to play it in Spanish.

But back to letters, right now she can recognize all of the letters in my list below. Often, if she sees a letter she recognizes, she won’t call it by its name, she’ll call it by the word she associates it with. So, for example, if she sees the letter “D” she’ll say, “Mira! Dadda!” That’s when I reinforce the letter by saying, ” ¡D de Dadda! ¡Muy bien! (D for Dadda, very good!)

A de Alice

C de Coche

D de Dadda

E de Elefante

G de Graulty

H de Helado

I de Iguana

J de Jojo 

L de Lyon

M de Momsy

N de No,no

O de Ojo

R de Rojo

S de Stewart

T de Tomate

U de Uva




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