Spanglish: 2yrs, 10mos

One of my favorite things about Jojo’s bilingualism is how she sometimes mixes the two languages. It’s not something I worry about; I know that she has it mostly straight and will only continue to get better at distinguishing Spanish and English. Her Spanglish is something that I allow myself to just soak up and enjoy with abandon.

This month’s alphabet soup happens to be all English words and phrases molded by her Spanish:

“It’s rompen”; “I roped it”

What she means: “It’s broken; I broke it.”

Where it came from: “To break” in Spanish = romper

“My finger toes are still painted”

What she means: “My toes are still painted.”

Where it comes from: “Toes” in Spanish is dedos de pie which literally means fingers of the foot. So somehow for Jojo that came out as finger toes. I love this one.

“I’m peining my doll’s hair”

What she means: “I’m doing my doll’s hair” or “I’m combing my doll’s hair”

Where it comes from: In Spanish to do your hair or comb your hair is peinarse.

“I wanna wear shorts pants”

What she means/ Where it comes from: In Spanish shorts are pantalones cortos, literally, shorts pants. And that is what she calls them every time.

I love her.



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