First Impressions

The Trip:

It was as long as they said it would be, and the roads were not great, but I’d imagined worse. We were glad not to have even one more piece of luggage with us (ukulele over guitar was the right call).

Here’s a photo of Jojo hanging out on the ferry like her dad, just waiting to get to the other side of the Nicoya Gulf.

20180616_121736 (2)
Crossing the Nicoya Gulf


We haven’t had much yet, and it’s the rainy season! I’m glad we didn’t have to haul luggage in the rain. Today I convinced Bilingual Baby not to jump in a big muddy puddle because she didn’t have her boots on. We walked down the road, crossed the main street, went up our road to our house and she put her blue rubber boots on. Then she asked to go back out and find that same puddle so she could jump in it. Lyon actually took her.

IMG_0132 (1)


I spent months preparing Bilingual Baby for taking showers instead of baths because I knew our place wasn’t going to have a tub. But I didn’t realize there would be no hot water. Oops. Yes, it’s hot and humid here, so it’s really no big deal, but Jojo cried all the way through her first shower because the water was too cold.

Fearful that showers would become a battle zone, the next day I convinced her to put her blue rain boots on and come splash around in the outdoor shower. Basically, I told her if she gave it a try, I would give her some candy. Green light! She had fun and didn’t have to go to bed with sand in her hair. 


This is not your average Austin summer people. The humidity seeps into your brain (through your ears I think) and you can’t concentrate. We don’t have A/C (catch me while I faint), but we do have tons of fans. Honestly, it’s fine. Lyon goes around with no shirt and Jojo says, “Daddy, put a shirt on!” And Lyon says it’s too hot and the next thing I know Jojo’s not wearing a shirt either.


I brought a fair amount of long sleeve shirts and a few pairs of pants for me and Jojo, thinking I’d want them for protection against mosquitoes. And now, I could burn any article of clothing with a sleeve or pant leg longer than a few inches: it’s too hot. Plus, there’s no way I could get the pants on: it’s too humid. I’ve been having to help Jojo get hers on, when normally she can do it herself, because they stick to her.

Honestly, the mosquitoes are no worse than they are in Austin. Yes, they carry more diseases, but I mean there aren’t that many. We use more bug spray than we normally do and keep a fan going in every room and on the porch.

Biggest disappointment so far:

There are Texas-sized roaches here. There are also grackles. Seriously, we came over 2,000 miles to a tropical paradise to kill roaches and shoo grackles away.

Highlight so far:

Watching the surfers trickle out into the high tide around 4pm until they’d filled up this one section of the ocean. They looked out for one another, and a lifeguard even kept an eye from the beach and steered swimmers to areas further down the coast. Then they all trickled back in as the sun was setting. I just haven’t seen much surfing with my own eyes, and it was really very cool to watch.

I promise not to post too many photos of us on hammocks by the beach

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