Montezuma Waterfalls

Rock Climbing with Baby
Lyon climbing down towards the falls with Jo on his back.

Last week we got out of town to visit nearby Montezuma and went in search of their famous waterfalls. Being the rainy season, we had to trek through a river and over some slippery rocks to get there. Every root looked like a snake to me, and it was while we were lowering ourselves down the side of a rock, Bilingual Baby on Lyon’s back, that a woman turned back to look at us and said, “You look like the kind of couple that has a blog.” We burst into laughter and assured her that she had pegged the nail on the head.

So far, no photo I’ve found of the lower falls has done any justice to the real thing (including the one below). After a short but arduous hike where you lose track of what is your own sweat and what is the humidity, rounding the last bend and feeling the cool spray from the powerful waterfall is so rewarding. Standing at the edge of the freshwater pool felt like standing next to a helicopter with the wind from the falls blowing in our faces and chopping at the water’s surface.

It felt good to have a swim in cool, fresh water in contrast to the warm, salty water of the ocean here.

Daddy and daughter at Montezuma waterfall
Montezuma Lower Falls

In fact, we loved it so much, we are going back later this week. After the waterfalls, we climbed a stupidly steep road to get to a butterfly garden/brewery (a guy even pulled over to offer us a ride but we were actually happily exhausted and opted to keep going on our own legs). By the time we got there we only had thirty minutes before our taxi driver from Santa Teresa was scheduled to pick us up. But we felt like we were at home in that mariposario/cerveceria and we didn’t want to leave. Maybe it was the magic of having a beer on tap while Jojo slept quietly in our arms, but I think the place itself also had its own magic. So we booked two nights since…it’s also a bed and breakfast! We just do whatever we want here.



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