Words I Recently Looked Up

I like to occasionally divulge the most recent words that I had to looked up because I think it gives people an idea of how fluent I am or am not. It could inspire parents who think that because they don’t know enough vocabulary, they can’t integrate Spanish into their kids’ lives. Look at all the things I don’t know!

Many of these are words that I would understand if someone said them to me, but to retrieve them in conversation in order to use them is another thing.

Apple core – Happily, the word is corazon. I like that. So, for example, “Tira el corazon de la manzana en el cubo de abono (Throw the apple core in the compost container).”

Swarm/Hive – We needed to know these words because yesterday I got out of the car to find a swarm of angry bees flying desperately around our front yard. I jumped back in and had to explain to Jojo why we were climbing out the other side of the car. I didn’t look the words up then—I looked them up later. There’s enjambre for the noun, swarm. But there’s also nube, and I think I’m more likely to remember that. To swarm is enjambrar. A hive is a colmena.

Knuckles / Dimples – This one is the best. Bilingual Baby must have been looking at my hands on the steering wheel this morning because from the back seat she said, “Mama, ¿porque no tienes estos (Why don’t you have these)?” I looked back and she was examining the little dimples that form over each of her knuckles because she still has her baby fat. Dimples are hoyuelos. Knuckles are nudillos.

Sheet – As in baking sheet. We made granola together this week, and I wasn’t sure what to call a baking sheet. I’m happy to report that in the moment I called it a bandeja (which is also tray), and bandeja is what it is! Bandeja de horno.

Thank you to Bilingual Baby for keeping me on my toes, for making me stretch my brain and continue learning every day (Spanish vocabulary and otherwise).

In my next post I’ll be telling you about my secret weapon for those words or phrases that you either can’t find in the dictionary, or can’t figure out how to use in conversation. Hint: she’s not an app that you can download, and you’ll have to ask the universe to find you your own secret weapon.

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