Sana, Sana Rana

Our Spanish friend, Pol, ended up in the hospital this week, and we decided to send him a video. This little rhyme is something the kids say to each other at Bilingual Baby’s school when someone gets hurt:

Sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sanas hoy, sanarás mañana

The rhyme itself—about a frog and its tail and how if you don’t get better today, you’ll get better tomorrow—is something said all over the Spanish-speaking world, as far as I can tell. And, being such a large and diverse world, there are, of course, different versions. But the bottom line is that it seems to be universal, something everyone’s Spanish-speaking grandma or mother said to them when there was a skinned knee to be cured.

It’s just as magical and healing when your friend at school says it to you. Or, when your friend from across the globe sends you a video with it:

2 thoughts on “Sana, Sana Rana

  1. This latest entry is pure joy. My heart is full and spilling over. Thank you, Alice for keeping this blog going. am

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