“Chocolate” Hand-Clapping Game in Spanish

In collaboration with our local bilingual music school, Mi Casa Es Tu Casa, Bilingual Baby and I made this video! We’ve been attending bilingual music classes for years, and the “Chocolate” song is one of our favorites. Right before the Chocolate track, you can hear the happy sounds of a mother and her child clapping along to this rhythmic song and game, “Choco-choco-lala, Choco-choco-tete, choco-la, choco-te, CHOCO LA TE!”

Watch the video and learn the hand-clapping game! Enjoy!


  1. sally miller

    Dearest Ones, I absolutely adore this joyful song and game and I am joining you as you play it. This is a forever video for me. Thank you for the gift of music and your sweet faces. ❤️ Tia abuela, Sally

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