Speaking Spanish at Home: 5 Tricks That Work for Us

There will likely come a time when your child no longer wants to speak your target language with you. It doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It just happens when you're speaking anything but the majority language. I have been heading it off with Bilingual Baby for a while now, and some days I feel … Continue reading Speaking Spanish at Home: 5 Tricks That Work for Us

My Secret Language Weapon

Finding Each Other Last year, when MamaLingua featured me and Bilingual Baby as her first in a series about parents raising bilingual children, more people than ever read my blog. That's how a mother from Spain found me and decided to send me an email: "Creo que podemos ayudarnos mutuamente, yo con tu español y … Continue reading My Secret Language Weapon

El Niño y El Cuento

I got to speak at the 2017 awards ceremony for El Niño y El Cuento, a kids writing contest in Spanish. I'd been asked to be a judge and somehow my red face found itself sharing the stage with the Consul General of Mexico here in Austin. Here are my remarks, which sum up what … Continue reading El Niño y El Cuento

Words I Recently Looked Up

It's no secret that Spanish is not my native language. I'm still learning and always will be. So I thought I would occasionally post some of the words I've had to look up recently. I have the app for Word Reference on my phone and it saves my recent searches.  Espresso -- Surprisingly, the Spanish … Continue reading Words I Recently Looked Up

The Dreaded “No” Phase: 1yr, 8mo

When it's just the two of us I use Spanish because it's our language...But when I'm in a situation where my daughter has just hit another kid on the playground, I have the responsibility of not only redirecting my own child, but assuring both the victim and the victim's mother that it's being dealt with.