Grammar: 2yrs, 2mos

She’s imitating us more and more, and using increasingly complex grammar on her own.

Possessive pronouns “mio,” “su”, “tuyo” (mine, his/hers, yours):

At the park the other day she said,  “¡Mira, una niña (look, a little girl)!” I answered “¿Dónde (where)?” and she replied, “Con su mama (With her mama).”

She can hand something to one of us and say: “Toma, esto es tuyo (Here, this is yours)”

And of course she can express when something is hers: “No! Es mio! (No! That’s mine!)”

Negative commands:

If you were learning Spanish as a second language in school, as I did, you would be taught that to form a negative command (like: don’t look) the verb should be put in the present tense “I” form then the “O” dropped and the opposite ending added. But if you’re Jojo and you’re learning without knowing that you’re learning, it just comes flowing out.

It didn’t surprise me that she would say No te vayas (don’t go) because that’s a phrase she hears from us often enough that she could just be copying us.

But when she didn’t want me to look at what she was doing the other day and said, “No mama, no mires (don’t look),” I was impressed because she wasn’t regurgitating a memorized phrase; we don’t go around telling her not to look at things.  But she knows that mira is the command to get us to look at something. And she knew by internalizing this rule of adding the opposite ending that no mires was the negative command.

So cool.

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